Web Site Designs for Small Business

Our web site designs for small business give you more control over the content in your web site. We provide web solutions that help you communicate effectively with your clients and potential customers. Below are some web site marketing tools you can use to accomplish your marketing goals using the internet. We believe that web site designs for small business should always be directed by your needs and preferences. You can choose the strategies that work best for you and we will incorporate them in your small business web site design plan. Let us show you some of the features we can incorporate in your web site.

Update Information Online

View a picture of the administrative area for one of our real estate clients ...
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Our database capabilities enable clients to update listings, product information or photo galleries online through an administrative interface that is not viewable by customers. This keeps your web maintenance costs down and keeps your sales information up-to-date. You can see the photo galleries we designed for Dan Fleury Contstruction, Broken Arrow Lodge, or TroutChasers.

Our custom real estate web site package has many benefits for real estate brokers and property management companies...

Store Locators and Other Data

Store Locator for Fit Kit SystemseFocus uses PHP and MySQL programming to make data available to your customers or potential clients. We can convert your data into a text format that can be loaded for online viewing. You can see the store locator we created for Fit Kit Systems. We recently created an administrative control panel that lets them add, edit and delete dealers online. They can also search and analyze the database by dealer locations, countries, services provided, etc. which helps them offer better customer service.

Secure Areas for Clients or Groups

Dealer Login page for Fit Kit SystemsYou may have information that should only be seen by a group of clients or dealers. In this case, we can create a secure area where information that you want them to have is available by password only. You can see the dealer support area that we created for Fit Kit Systems in Billings, Montana. This particular program has a username and password that the owner can change periodically so that only current dealers can login. This is just one application of many web site designs for small business that we have developed.

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