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PHP is a very powerful programming language developed for the internet. PHP stands for pre hypertext processor. This scripting language controls the actions and output for your web pages. PHP enables us to integrate the look of your website with data and content from your database. The look of your website is controlled by HTML and CSS. The queries to your database are processed by MySQL. This gives you customized and relevant content in your web pages.

We use phpMyAdmin to set up the database in all of our PHP/MySQL applications. phpMyAdmin allows us to manage the table structure and content of your database. We also use phpMyAdmin to backup your database at regular intervals to safeguard your information.

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We use PHP to process all contact forms and other types of forms that process information that is being received from your customers.

Book-A-Roos Online Registration
Store Locator for Fit Kit SystemsThis group of teachers asked us to develop an online registration for parents to enroll their kids in a summer reading camp program. The project includes a password protected registration panel where parents can login and update registrations for their kids at multiple sessions during the summer. It also comes with an Admin Panel for the teachers to view and process registrations, payments and registrations status for each of the sessions that are scheduled.

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