Web Traffic

A website is worthless if no one comes to visit. We use the techniques below to generate traffic to your website. Many small business owners assume that if they put up a website that people will visit it. There's only two ways this will happen:

  1. If you, someone else, or another website directs them there (newsletters, referrals, etc.)
  2. They search for your product and you come up in the search engine results.

If you sell something that is an extremely small niche, you might do just fine without optimizing for web traffic. However, the chances are slim to none that you'll be that lucky.

The next time you do a search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, notice how many search results there are. It's usually in the tens of thousands or millions of web pages that match your results. Get more specific and you'll still have hundreds or thousands of pages to wade through. Most people don't go past the first page! So your copy has to be relevant enough for the search engines to list you on the first page and compelling enough for visitors to click on your link.

We can't emphasize enough how important this part of web development is. The success of techniques to generate web traffic change over time so this is not a one time procedure. Consider it part of your advertising or maintenance costs and allot a monthly budget accordingly.

Directory Submissions

Internet directories are the yellow pages of websites. The more of them that link to your website the better. Some customers will find you through the directories directly. There is an even more important benefit of being listed: The major search engines assume that the more links to your website, the more relevant you are. So, they rank you higher in their free search results resulting in more customers finding your website.

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your main web pages for keyword content, including invisible content called alt text, anchor tags, and meta tags that search engines see. We provide site maps that are compatible with standards set by Google, Yahoo and Bing so they can find all of the pages that describe your small business services.

Later, when your website is complete, we submit your website to the major search engines.

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